What the heck?

If you are looking at this site at the moment you will probably be wondering why there is no theme (such a plain theme).

It’s simple really.

I’m rearranging my blog and figuring out what I want to do with my personal website.

In order to move to something new and keep the old links I have turned off the theme to create a clean URL map.

Long time no see

Been a long time since I bothered looking at this site.

Have had fun updating it, which means spent a long time tracking down little issues with plugins…

Also checked all the links and found most of the broken ones. Of course a photo hosting site, photo sleeve, stopped doing its thing and those photos don’t load anymore :/ I have them, maybe I’ll add them another time.

This is the best tool for finding all links on a site. This program is great for priming a cache or generating all the permalinks and verifying they are what they ought to be.

Currently looking for a job, employ me ;)

What is in a name?

Looked up my name on this site What your name means (numerology)

What your first name means:
Shakespearean Male ‘King Henry the Eighth’ Sir Nicholas Vaux.
Greek Male People’s victory. St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children, sailors, and pawnbrokers – Santa Claus is based on this saint.

Your number is: 7

The characteristics of #7 are: Analysis, understanding, knowledge, awareness, studious, meditating.

The expression or destiny for #7:
Thought, analysis, introspection, and seclusiveness are all characteristics of the expression number 7. The hallmark of the number 7 is a good mind, and especially good at searching out and finding the truth. You are so very capable of analyzing, judging and discriminating, that very little ever escapes your observation and deep understanding. You are the type of person that can really get involved in a search for wisdom or hidden truths, often becoming an authority on whatever it is your are focusing on. This can easily be of a technical or scientific nature, or it may be religious or occult, it matters very little, you pursue knowledge with the same sort of vigor. You can make a very fine teacher, or because of a natural inclination toward the spiritual, you may become deeply emerged in religious affairs or even psychic explorations. You tend to operate on a rather different wavelength, and many of your friends may not really know you very well. The positive aspects of the 7 expression are that you can be a true perfectionist in a very positive sense of the word. You are very logical, and usually employ a quite rational approach to most things you do. You can be so rational at times that you almost seem to lack emotion, and when you are faced with an emotional situation, you may have a bit of a problem coping with it. You have excellent capabilities to study and learn really deep and difficult subjects, and to search for hidden fundamentals. At full maturity you are likely to be a very peaceful and poised individual.

If there is an over supply of the number 7 in your makeup, the negative aspects of the number may be apparent. The chief negative of 7 relates to the limited degree of trust that you may have in people. A tendency to be highly introverted can make you a bit on the self-centered side, certainly very much self-contained . Because of this, you are not very adaptable, and you may tend to be overly critical and intolerant. You really like to work alone, at your own pace and in your own way. You neither show or understand emotions very well.

Your Soul Urge number is: 1

A Soul Urge number of 1 means:
Your Soul Urge is the number 1. With a Soul Urge number of 1, you want to lead and direct, to work independent of supervision, by yourself or with subordinates. You take pride in your abilities and want to be recognized for them. You may seek opportunities to display your strength and usefulness, wanting to create and originate. In your desire to manage the big picture and the main issues, you may often leave the details to others.

The positive 1 Soul Urge is Ambitious and determined, a leader seeking opportunities. There is a great deal of honesty and loyalty in this character. If you possess positive 1 Soul Urge qualities, you are very attainment oriented and driven to success. You are a loyal friend and strictly fair in your business dealings.

The negative side of the 1 Soul Urge must be avoided. A negative 1 is apt to dominate situations and people; the home, the spouse, the family and the business. Emotions aren’t strong in this nature. If you possess an excess of 1 energy, you may, at times, be boastful and egotistic. You must avoid being too critical and impatient of trifles. The great need of the 1 Soul Urge is the development of friendliness, and a sincere interest in people.

Your Inner Dream number is: 6

An Inner Dream number of 6 means:
You dream of guiding and fostering the perfect family in the perfect home. You crave the devotion from offspring and a loving spouse. You picture yourself in the center of a successful domestic unit.

The last one really stood out to me, this is the one thing I think about most out of everything I contemplate/think about, pretty cool :0

MagnitudeCMS – Is Alive!

2014-12-17: Not alive anymore, priorities shifted, proof of concept did work quite well for the site we launched it with though :D

I’ve been working off and on with this CMS project. I’ve now gotten it to a stage where it actually does something.

It creates sites :)

To mark this milestone, I’ve put the site back up at magnitudecms.com and I’ve also moved the git repo into its own account on GitHub.

MagnitudeCMS is my answer to my need of a simple tool to assemble lots of websites with out having to think about all the infrastructre parts. With Joomla to create a new site I’d have to create a directory, configure webserver, setup mysql users/databases.

Now with MagnitudeCMS all I do is configure the DNS records to point at the IP of the server running the app. Type the address in the browser and presto website ready to be themed and content added.