Finally!! A font management program that works!

I’ve spent an incredible amount of time over the last two weeks figuring out how to handle fonts effectively. NOW I’ve finally got a workable solution.

I tried Suitcase & Font Doctor from Extensis, but frankly it doesn’t work. Says fonts are bad, doesn’t pick up other fonts, try to fix fonts then they don’t work in Photoshop – pain in the buttocks! I gave Font Explorer a whirl, but the interface is weird and doesn’t work very well for me… I didn’t try the Adobe product simply because it appears to only do Open Type, since that’s in the products title – need all font types… I also started up Font Reserve, hmm since I don’t remember anything about it other then the title, pretty much says it all.

Any ways after some more Google searching I came across this post on Ask MetaFilter. Posters there were talking FontAgent Pro up so I checked it out.

Bloody hell!!! After hours of time waiting for other programs to get on with it and then still not work! FontAgent Pro had me all sorted in a couple hours. I’ve now imported all my fonts; taken control of all the Windows fonts so all my apps are speedy speedy; and it was a piece of cake.

If your on Windows and aren’t getting all you need from your current font management tool, give FontAgent Pro a go.

The only bit missing now is a plugin to auto active the fonts in Photoshop CS3, hopefully that’ll be coming soon. For $100 it is going to save me all sorts of headaches as ZN Dynamic build more sites. Theses designer types can by very creative with type setting. I just want to be able to export the images cleanly & easily out of Photoshop, so my xhtml renders nicely.