Mum and I Have Applied for the Aspire wealthIGNITE Programme

Mum and I attended the Sydney “Aspire LIVE Wealth Weekend” over the last couple of days. We have now applied to join the wealthIGNITE programme starting in March.

Aspire is a wealth creation company started by Craig Turnbull and is based in Perth, WA. As well as providing training in building a wealthy life, they also have the following words associated with them:

  • Wealth Education
  • Wealth Coaching
  • Wealth Planning
  • Finance
  • Property
  • Capital
  • Foundation

Pretty cool company and Craig is a fantastic presenter. Craig’s approach is if your head & heart aren’t in the right spot then really, no amount of knowledge is going to make a difference in your ability to live a wealthy life. Also, what is a wealthy life?, good question. I agree with Craig’s point of view, which is a balance of the following:

  • Assets
  • Cash
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual

If you had all those areas of your life in balance, would you be pretty sweet? I sure would be :)

During the weekend Craig presented strategies on share & property investments which touched on the cash & assets pieces of the pie above. One of the share strategies that I really liked was Covered Calls strategy. This strategy works well if you don’t have a lot of time and need some cash flow.

Craig also covered the other parts to do with your head and heart. Some things covered were:

  • There is no inherent meaning in anything other then the meaning we give it.
  • Relationship rules.
  • Health, Life Gifts & Life Poisons
  • Your wealth thermostat and how you reset/adjust it. Donald Trump’s is set for a billion so when he lost everything, he eventually came back up to his billionaire status.
  • The filing cabinet that we check everything against; thoughts, concepts, ideas, etc.

Lots of good stuff covered there. and much more :) Oh the last thing was Goals, which are; dreams with deadlines.

If you are wondering how to get wealthy check out Aspire.

Now at the beginning of this post I mentioned that mum and I have applied to do the wealthIGNITE programme. This a 12 month programme where you have a Wealth Coach coach you and be your accountability buddy. It isn’t directly one-on-one, the programme is made up of a network of 20-30 people who are able to work together to achieve financial success in collaborative projects. Maybe someone has a lot of time & zero cash and another member has cash & no time, together these two could do something together and split the profit.

Another great aspect of Aspire is its continued involvement in contributing back to the community via the Aspire Foundation. Part of the programme is completing a project to give back to the community. One of the best things we can do for the poor is not be poor. I want to contribute to the global community and the best way to do that would be to use my ability to generate cash and give back. I think of lots of things that would be awesome to do, they all cost money to do though or will take up a considerable amount of time.

So for me to realise some of my goals and dreams I need to get my time back from going to work to get cash to live. Once I no longer need to work I then have a lot of time available. When this comes to be I’ll also have a bundle of cash as well. I’m on an awesome journey and am looking forward to the year ahead :D