Microsoft Technet Subscription – Absolutely Fantastic

I’ve been testing out various combinations of Windows Server & SQL Server over the last week and having a “Microsoft Technet subscription has been great!

As well as having time unlimited – legal – versions of all of Microsoft’s software there are newsgroups too. These newsgroups are really active with lots of MCP’s around willing to give a hand. One issue I was having was trying to figure out if it were possible to do source based routing natively in Windows. Short answer is, Windows doesn’t have that functionality built in – poop.

Back to the software, once we’ve figured out which version of the software and their combinations to use we can then go and buy proper licenses and have that all squared away. The subscription is a year long so I’m sure before that time is up we’ll have use for it again. It sure beats having to deal with trial versions and messages annoying you to activate, or that there are only x number of days to go. Or you could go the other way and download the pirate copies. From a convenience point of view I’d rather just pay for a Technet subscriptions.

Plus there is the whole library of information on the products that I haven’t even looked at yet… I know my way around windows pretty well these days, so there isn’t much I’d be looking up for what I do at the moment anyway. Maybe if I was doing office deployments and tasks like that I’d go and find examples and ideas.

All in all, a Microsoft Technet subscription is handy if your evaluating MS software :)