My K2 Style

A very minor modification, content is king so I made a K2 css style to make greater use of the screen.

I use the 2 sidebars style. All I’ve done is move the 2nd sidebar down to the bottom, this gives more space for the content. When I start adding images I’ll have more space for them :)

I also seem to use rather long title’s that wrap over multiple lines. Now that I have a wider content area the titles shouldn’t wrap so much.

It’s so easy to make little changes like this as well, the power of K2 and it’s sensible layout and css, it’s taken me about 45mins to get it looking the way it is. The “Extra Bits & Pieces” is just a text,php module with a <div> styled inline to have a border-top. Simple and efficient, no modifications to the K2 theme, just a custom style.

I probably could have modified the two-column layout to be wider, I figured it looks better this way. Also I’ve made it work in all three sizes as well, yes I am just too clever :P If you resize the width of the browser you’ll see it shrinks and expands as it should.

And the final thing, my additions work in all the important browsers, Safari, Opera, FireFox & IE 7. IE 6 is not an important browser…

Happy Days :)

  • llamasonic

    hi nick, i'm trying to do the same thing. can you share your code? looks great. i wanted to get same width as 3 column with 2. I like your idea of putting it at the bottom actually.

  • Nicholas Orr

    You could “view source”, remember it is only css :)