My Car – CL63 AMG

Will be in my driveway 01 June 2009

I rang up on Monday to book myself in for a test drive of the Mercedes Benz CL63 AMG. It quite easy to do this you know… You simply pick up the phone, introduce yourself to the lovely person on reception and say “I’d like to speak to someone about test driving a vehicle please”. You get put through to a sales person and away you go, Easy!

So I was booked in this morning at 10am, got there a bit early and the guy I was to see was busy with other clients. I went upstairs to find out about getting bluetooth parts for our E-240. They had the part, just not the cradle it sits in… The guy still wasn’t ready so I cleaned our car while I waited.

Just as I finished the last wheel rim Leigh came up to get me. Downstairs Leigh asked me some more questions, what options, what I do, when would I be getting it, etc. Total price to drive away is $408,000. My thoughts are that once you get into this price range Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, Lamborghini, Audi, Aston Martin, Bentley are there as well, what Mercedes brings though is the comfort, luxury and everyday usefulness as well as performance.

The CL63 AMG is the sort of car you would use everyday. Driving it is effortless and comfortable, the cabin is well insulated from noise outside and when you put for foot down the vehicle respond with alacrity. When it comes to stopping, the brakes come on smoothly opposed to biting in hard like it does on the E-240, the pedal feels solid as well. The back seat is useful too, four adults will be comfortable in this one.

In terms of looks, it simply exudes luxury, its presence it subtle and alluring. I asked the dealer to take some photos of me in it and beside it, I’ll put those on here as soon as they email them too me :)

Awesome vehicle, that will be in my driveway by 01 June 2009.

  • Mum

    Wow, makes me want to go out and buy one, right now! Your writing is fantastic, Nick. You are a natural!

    Love ya

  • RCK

    Test drove the 2009 SL63 May 19th at Greenwich MB dealer (CT). It is a monster!…Natually aspirated (no supercharging or turbo tricking here!)extremely quick and VERY loud exhaust roar. I put the CL63 through its paces HARD, in Manual mode…very fast and compact up/down shifts, practically as good as the F1 shifter in Ferrari. This is not an everyday drive….way to loud and fast, easy to get into trouble with, especially when feeling your oats! My present 2003 SL500 (soon to be replaced with the 2009 CL550) is an everyday driver. Like my Ferrari Modena, this rocket is a weekend toy. RC.

  • Nick

    Awesome RCK.
    Thanks for stopping by :)

  • duncan

    WOW this easy hmmm we need to talk