ABC TV Online – iView Service

The ABC in Australia has recently launched an online service they’ve called iView. It’s really great to see something like this executed really well.

Mum and I watched “At the Movies” from the past couple of weeks that we missed and the quality and speed of the service is great. The only issue I have with it really is that the content isn’t running full screen. I have a 32″ LCD running at 1360×768 and there is a black rectangle of maybe 20px around the entire image. At least they got the 16:9 aspect happening :)

As for choosing a browser to use to watch this. Safari is by far the fastest browser at rendering on my laptop (main media center pc is out of action at the moment), the only issue with Safari is its lack of fullscreen capability. I tried FireFox 3 and hide menu extension, however there is a 2px line at the top of the screen. FireFox 2.0.16 and Flash is a bit choppy in playback.

Well done ABC on getting content on the net so we the public can watch it on demand. The interface is a little laborious to use. As it is still in beta I’m sure these navigation issues will sort themselves out as they go.