Stupid Bloody Intel S5000XVN BIOS!!

Wasted 4hrs this morning dealing with this issue… All I needed to do was to power cycle the machine (turn completely off, then back on again). I updated the bios on this motherboard; Intel S5000XVN, yesterday and needed to enable the Intel Virtualization Technology (VT). I did this, however in order for this setting to take affect you need to power cycle.

This machine has virtual machines on it hosted by VMWare Server. When it came to starting the 64bit guest linux machines, VMware Server would say I needed to enable VT. IT IS ENABLED!!! Very frustrating…

  • Alan Lee

    Hey there,

    Thanks for your blog post

    I thought most of the modern Intel boards would auto power cycle after enabling VT? I guess not. I will remember that if I get this board… Looking for ways to get playing with Hyper-V (well, more playing, using it at work, but would like to play more) etc at the moment, without spending a million bucks. A bunch of stuff on eBay, but most of it is older, and will cost too much for memory etc to beef it up to be half decent… not to mention that lots of the stuff there wont support Hyper-V etc to begin with :(

    BTW where did you get this board from? I have had a quick look on google and find find any retail pricing for it

  • Nick

    Hey Alan

    We got the board as part of a custom system. It was from an auction lot on Greys Online. Apparently some company order 10 workstations and didn’t want them….

    System came with:

    • 2x Dual Core Xeon’s 2.6GHz
    • 4GB RAM (upgraded to 16GB now – virtual machines)
    • 1x 10K WD Raptor 159GB
    • nVidia GF8800GTS 640MB
    • Creative Xi-Fi Extreme
    • Coolermaster Stacker Case
    • $2.5K delivered back in November 2007 I think we got it.

    The board is great enough. I just wish the 4 port Intel NIC card played nice – it’s having “hardware errors”, so not helpful!

  • robbyt

    Read the release notes for the bios update.