MagnitudeCMS – Is Alive!

2014-12-17: Not alive anymore, priorities shifted, proof of concept did work quite well for the site we launched it with though :D

I’ve been working off and on with this CMS project. I’ve now gotten it to a stage where it actually does something.

It creates sites :)

To mark this milestone, I’ve put the site back up at and I’ve also moved the git repo into its own account on GitHub.

MagnitudeCMS is my answer to my need of a simple tool to assemble lots of websites with out having to think about all the infrastructre parts. With Joomla to create a new site I’d have to create a directory, configure webserver, setup mysql users/databases.

Now with MagnitudeCMS all I do is configure the DNS records to point at the IP of the server running the app. Type the address in the browser and presto website ready to be themed and content added.

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