My Name is Nicholas Orr

I don’t get how some people can see their name spelt wrong and be OK with it…

Someone here in the office has a foreign name and when I setup his account he kept being vague on how to spell it. I spelt it the way he asked me, however it isn’t correct. The proper way to spell his name actually makes it easier to pronounce it, weird :)

The other thing I have an issue with is people spell Nick as Nic… they leave out the K. I’m not sure how/why they do that, take a look at this list of words

  • dick
  • kick
  • lick
  • pick
  • rick
  • sick
  • tick
  • wick

All of those words above have a K and are commonly used words. Then I reply to their email with the correct spelling and they still address me as Nic :/

Oh well that is my little expose for the month,

Enjoy the wonderful world we share – I know there are parts that aren’t as wonderful as others, being grateful for what we do have is a start, right?

Nicholas Orr or Nick for short ;)

P.S. This is purely to make sure I stay number 1 on Google – There are some people creeping up the list…

  • Denise

    Hi Nick – Being that your full name is Nicholas, I therefore thought the shortened version to be Nic ..minus…the…holas. Where does the K come from??? is it a filler for holas?
    Btw…I am sorry and I love you. :)

  • Nicholas Orr

    It comes from – it's always been there from when I or mum have been spelling
    it Nick =D
    Remember we are dealing with the English language here – there is no
    logic ;)

  • eran

    interesting, but someone read it after all :)

  • Nick J

    Hi, there's no easily visible way to contact you from your web page, so I'll just ask here, hope that's okay:….
    P.s. On your front web page, the word “accuratley” is misspelled.
    — All the best,
    Nick. (yes, same first name, and FWIW, I don't have a problem with people forgetting the “k”, but what I do have a problem with it people thinking it's “Mick” rather than “Nick”).

  • Nicholas Orr

    That is kinda the point – if you can't easily get to my inbox then spammers will find it equally hard to put my email on their spam lists :)

    I'll contact you via email.