Mothers Day 2009

Year 2007, I did nothing – as in zero, no phone call, no visit, nothing… Pretty shitty to be honest. This year I wanted to something really nice/memorable.

Yesterday I had a few ideas on what to get mum for a Mothers Day present and I headed off to Chatswood shops. While walking around I’d pretty much made up my mind I was getting mum an iPod. Mum wanted an iPod so she could listen to music while walking. I wanted to disguise the iPod as it is pretty obvious its an iPod if you’ve been talking about it and you get given a small box…

While at the newsagent getting a card I noticed the discount books, $5.99, $6.99 diary/fiction types. Noticing how slim the iPod was and how thick these books were, I thought of hiding the device inside a book. So flicked through all the books and found a big thick one for only $2.00, bargain! Mum is really going to be surprised when she unwraps the gift and sees a fiction book (she doesn’t read fiction, biographies are the sorts of books that interest her) with a price sticker of $2 on it :P

So cut to the chase already?! Here is the video of her unwrapping the gift after breakfast that I cooked :)

Here are some bigger pictures as well.

After breakfast/gift I prepared a lamb roast. Stuffed it with garlic and rosemary, seasoned with salt/pepper and poured olive oil over it. Wrapped it up in cling film and left it on the bench to rise to room temperature. Then we headed off to see Wolverine. I liked the movie, 7/10 for me.

I’ve put the roast in the oven – it smells great! Now to chop up the veggies :)

Happy Mothers Day MUM, Love u :D

  • mewins

    Thank you Niko, for a lovely Mother

  • Jo Shenadar

    Oh Nick what a great, thoughtful son you are. You both look fantastic!! Love Jo

  • Denise

    Ohhhh…very noice Nick ! You done Great :). XOX Denise