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What started as a tweet…

SoreGums idk about – for me if it isn’t google its shit… nearly 90% of my searches are technical, example ruby string, 8 on B, 1 on G :)

SoreGums and the fact that I use chrome and the omnibar bar keys straight into google keyword matches as I type and is accurate, intergration ftw :)

blekko @SoreGums Have you tried string /ruby? :)

SoreGums @blekko yeah that works except you want me to learn a new way to get the same results, which is unlikely to happen – its not a bad/wrong thing, its a reality thing.

Is blekko gonna be awesome for some searches? Yes.
Do I want to spend time thinking which search engine I should use for a given search? No.

I’m going to just use google because 90% of my searches are answered within the first three results.
The next 9% require me to add maybe one or two extra keywords, to narrow down the idea/answer being sought.
Then the remaining 1% are so obscurer and specific that no search engine is going to get it right because the content isn’t on the internet in that specific of a phrase and requires me to think about what I want again in a generalised form, often resulting in answers from multiple sources

I do think is great in what it is doing and the idea motivating the development.
For now, I’m sticking with Google because it works really well and blekko doesn’t offer me anything above the status quo.