Smokehut – New Snow Sports App

Not much to see yet – however I am assured that this is the place to be stopping by whilst enjoying next seasons snow sports. Want to know the best runs on the mountain. Just want hook up with a mate after a day on the slopes. SmokehutApp will take care of the details.

Register your details on the site to stay informed.
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Hoyts IMAX is a Rip Off

$22 dollars for a tiny screen…. Granted it is a digital theatre, but that is not enough to charge me more. Digital theatres are the next step and is just part of the evolution that is cinema technology, it’s not special…. Also when I see IMAX I expect a massive screen. Hoyts EQ at Moore Park has converted cinema 2 into the “IMAX” theatre and it is a small screen compared to the GMAX screens at Parramatter Greater Union. Hoyts IMAX is a sham and I won’t be going back.

At least if the mob in Brisbane at Southbank team up with IMAX they’ll have a huge screen that was an actual IMAX theatre :)

From what I have read though briefly apparently the IMAX digital theater can’t do sceens bigger then 22m….

Be forewarned Hoyts IMAX = tiny screens….

[SOLVED] nginx + php (fastcgi) + win32 = “No input file specified”

You’ve probably found this post while searching for nginx and php (fastcgi with php-cgi) for windows. I ran into the “No input file specified.” problem and finally figured it out. The key is we are running on windows and not unix/linux. Windows paths are not /home/user/dir they are c:\cygwin\home\user\dir.

Keep reading for a complete How To nginx + php-cgi on windows :)

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